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Welcome to Inspired Chiropractic and Wellness!

Chiropractic Care | The Missing Puzzle Piece

We’re here to provide the most genuine care we can so that you can live your most inspired life. “I look at your body like a puzzle,” says North Colorado Springs chiropractor, Dr. Laura Larson. “If you give your body the little pieces it needs… it has the ability to repair itself. And, that’s why I’m here.”

With a variety of services under one roof, you have all the options you need for complete healing and wellness:

Chiropractic Care. So you can feel like you again and heal from the inside out.
Functional Medicine. Understanding your lifestyle to build a healthier future.
Holistic Therapies. Structural, nutritional, homeopathic, detoxification and emotional.
Nutrition Education. Get your body in balance and feel your absolute best.
Custom Orthotics. Stand strong and stand tall, supporting your entire body.

A North Colorado Springs Chiropractor Seeing the Big Picture

Out of energy? Ready to be your best? Feel your best? When you’re here, it’s all about you and your needs. “I’m here to listen to your problems and goals and then do everything I can to help you achieve your best wellness.”

Through our holistic and thorough approach to wellness, we believe you have an incredible life awaiting you. Are you ready to live it?

Break free of whatever is holding you back and let’s unveil your best health. Call today and discover your missing puzzle piece!

Dr. Laura Larson
Serving North Colorado Springs, Northgate, Monument and Black Forest